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About ODBN

The Brabant Noord Environment Agency (ODBN) is a joint scheme of 10 municipalities and the province of Brabant. Northeast Brabant is the main working area of ​​the ODBN. From the office in 's-Hertogenbosch, almost 300 colleagues work every day on a clean, sustainable and safe living environment. The ODBN employs implementation experts in the field of permits, supervision and enforcement and various specialties such as noise, soil, asbestos, nature, environmental safety, air quality, odor or manure.

The ODBN carries out tasks for the 11 authorities. The ODBN also provides advice in these areas and works on innovation and development. The Brabant Noord Environment Service (ODBN) is one of 29 environmental services in the Netherlands.

The environmental services were established in 2013. The cause was a number of major incidents, such as the fireworks disaster in Enschede, the fire in the Hemeltje in Volendam and the disaster in Moerdijk. The organization of permit granting, supervision and enforcement in the area of ​​the living environment could be better. Our task is therefore to ensure a safe and healthy physical living environment.

Our ambition is: "The ODBN is the expert implementer in the field of permit granting, supervision and enforcement. Based on our knowledge of the practice, we advise on the environment and nature and the feasibility and effects of policy."